House Rewires

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Considering a Home Electrical Rewire ?

So, you have arrived at my page as you are considering who to choose to conduct your electrical house rewire and are thinking how much it costs and what is involved.

A home electrical rewire is an intrusive messy job, if not planned and coordinated correctly by electricians that know what they are doing can lead to a nightmare job in the first place being a misery for the customer during its duration, let me tell you how we conduct our home electrical rewires in Leeds & surrounding areas so you can see our thought and planning process which makes the whole process easier and more comfortable for the customer expecially if the rewire is being lived in by the customer during its process.


  • Day 1 meet and greet we call this – we walk round the entire inside and outside of the property with the customer with room plans marking out every socket and switch location the customer wants, we discuss what the customer wants and we make suggestions on other things if we see the customer has missed something. Intruder alarms, cctv, data, fire rated LED spot lights, outside lights, all these extra options are put forward to the customer to make them think outside the box and as so not to miss anything off the plan.


House Rewire Electrician Leeds Dust Sheet Property MPS Electrical Ltd 0113 3909670 House Rewire Electrician Leeds Dust Sheet Property MPS Electrical Ltd 0113 3909670 House Rewire Electrician Leeds Dust Sheet Property MPS Electrical Ltd 0113 3909670

  • Day 1 the three P’s – Plan, Prepare, Protect – After the meet n greet the MPS Team apply floor coverings and dust sheet coverings, we even plastic wrap certain furniture on request, we then plan our cable routes out throughout the property setting out a strategic home rewire plan where we are going to start the rewire process keeping the customer appraised at all times and leaving living power on while we install 1st fix wiring around the old system leaving power on until a change over day is arrived at whereby we disconnect the old wiring and power up the new wiring.


  • Day2,3,4,5 1st fix wiring continuation and so depending on the rewire size on the team work room by room, floor by floor installing new wiring, chasing out walls and boxes and cleaning up each day removing site rubbish continuing the the home electrical rewire process.

house-rewire-electrician-leeds-recommended-mps-electrical-0113-3909670 House Rewire Chases Electrical Leeds 0113 3909670 (6) House Rewire Chases Electrical Leeds 0113 3909670 (6)

  • The 2nd fix stage, onwards towards the final goal of electrical 2nd fix the MPS team install the RCBO branded Fuse Box, disconnect the old electrical systems and 2nd fix the branded sockets, light, switches, showers, outside lights, whatever is on the rewire specification sheet for the customers property. The property then gets a full electrical inspection and test to finally check the new pvc twin and earth circuits that serve power and lighting have no lose terminations on them and to generate the technical test results that are record on the schedule of test results to form part of the the domestic electrical installation certificate.

Final Certification Received After the Rewire

Once you have had a full home electrical rewire you should have the following certification issued to you, we offer a 10 year guarentee on everything we install and this is something extra you would receove from us along with the mandatory required paperwork.

  • Part P building control certificate – This is done by the Part P registered electrical contractor, always check they are registered to issue this, you wouldnt beleive how many are not registered, qualified and manage to blag the customer into handing over money, conducting a rewire then disapearing when it comes to paper work issue time. I have put a example image below but its blurred out, you get the idea of what one should look like, it details the nature of the Part P registered works, customer and installer details with a unique reference number you can check with at your local council buiding control to check its validity.

  • A Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate – This has the customers name and address, the nature of the work done, the electricians registration details along with other associated pages, schedule of inspections, schedule of test results. If you do not get either of these certificates after the rewire it is start to ask some questions as you should get these certificates.