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Welcome to MPS Electrical Ltd Home Buyers & Home Sellers page, we are electrical specialists when it comes to providing mortgage specialist electrical surveys on you potential purchase or sale of your existing property.

Why All Of A Sudden Do I Need this Report ?

Many years ago there was no such requirement to check the electrical installation of a residential home prior to its purchase or sale, however like most things in life things change and tighter restrictions occur when banks are lending money to you for a mortgage so you can purchase your forever home, this is because the Banks need to be sure it is not a potential fire hazard whereby the electrics go up in flames, burn this house down and the neighbours too. So what they do is they request Surveys on the property to be conducted.

What happens next is the customer gets a standard house survey done then all of a sudden the survey report comes back saying it recommends the electrics be checked leaving you wondering why the surveyor does not include an information about this….. read on i will explain why.

Electrical Surveys Are Specialist Surveys Conducted By Registered Electricians.

A non electrical triained/registered surveyor for a standard house purchase may be good at noticing things they can see like subsidence, rotten roof timbers, cracks in walls, damp but all these things are visible to the naked eye, electrics are different, you cannot see the state of the cables buried in the walls, the poor joints underneath the floor boards or above the ceilings nor can you smell electrics to see if they are bad, they are the silent killer that if are not correct can electrocute someone and or catch fire.

So how it usually works from my humble experience in the 27 years I have been doing this is that the surveyor looks for red flags on what he sees in the home, usually an old outdated Wylex rewirable mains board and this is a good enough reason to have any electrics checked out because we fitted these from the 1960’s through to the 1980’s so any house with this old fuse box installed is a good indication the wiring is as old as the fuse box and potentially needs a full house rewire.

Old sockets and switches mounted in skirting boards and in architraves with brown rocker switches can be another visual indicator that the surveyor needs to inform you the customer to have a more extensive specialist Home Buyers Electrical Survey undertaken, Still with me ?, this is where we come in. Read on.

The Home Buyers Mortgage Survey Electrical Report

This is where we come in, you simply call us and we do everything else, we liaise with the estate agent, book the survey in, conduct the survey and then inform you once completed issuing all reports electronically in a timely manner to speed up for sale for better or worse.

We provide a certificated report along with further photographic & costing reports on remedial works required for the property which assists you and your negotiations on the sale price of the property. Why should you you suffer the cost of having to pay for a full house rewire with cosmetic damage and the plastering up process when you can negotiate this money off the sale of the property, this is where we come in with our Home Buyers & Home Sellers Specialist Electrical Mortgage Surveys for Residential, Commercial & Industrial properties in Leeds & surrounsing areas.

What Can Happen If I Do Not Have An Electrical Survey ? Is It Worth Chancing It ?

At the end of the day is it down to the individual if they want to chance not having an electrical survey done prior to buying the property, you win some you lose some, I have had several Full House Electrical Rewires this year by customers who did not think they needed a rewire and when the standard survey came back recommending the electrics be checked further with a specialist electrical mortgage survey they ignored it, only to find out later on someone had simply put new sockets and light switches & pendants up on TRS Tough Rubber Sheath late 1950s wiring within the property (which instantly has to be isolated and rewired by the way as its bad stuff) thus covering it up and making it all look like a new job, like we said you cant see into walls or underfloor floors but with our specialist electrical tests we do on the surveys the cables cannot hide from the test results!.

This was a big house with a big specification and the bill with the plastering up after the rewire came to about 8 grand and was a bitter pill to swallow for the new home owner because our survey would have identifed all this and he could have got it off the price of the house, live and learn I always say.

Some Of The Horrors We Have Found Underneath Floors…

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