House Rewires Leeds

Me and my team are specialists at home rewires, we make the process a smooth one because having a home rewire is propably the worst job you could ever have done to a house in terms of disruption and destruction.

We use hard wood floor protectors dust sheets, plastic to protect the home and hoover up removing debris every day of the electrical rewire.

I wont sugar coat it, it is better to have a home electrical rewire whilst not living in the home leaving the electricians to get on with it, this usually means we get the rewire done several days quicker as we do not have to put floors back down every night and restore power.

A decent quality standard rewire to todays standard of electrical specification requirements on a 3 bedroom semi will take upto 10 days on site and this includes the plaster patchup of all wall & ceiling chases to finishing standards, we offer a home electrical rewire package in Leeds, Bradford, wakefield, York & Harrogate with a extras list so you can pick optional extras.

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Why do i need a home electrical rewire ? is there any visual warning signs i could look for ?

Take a look at my 10-point checklist to see if you might need a home house electrical rewire in Leeds.

  • Does your fuse box have replaceable fuse wire?
  • Do your plugs or sockets get hot or have scorch marks?
  • Do fuses blow regularly?
  • Do you have to use extension leads and adaptors?
  • Do you have lights that use the old, twisted type flex?
  • Do you have rubber covered flex?
  • Do you have round pin plugs and sockets?
  • Are your cables missing an earth cable?
  • Do you use electrical equipment outdoors?
  • Has your wiring been checked in the last 10 years?
If you have answered yes to any of the above you could require a rewire.

TRS Wiring Tough Rubber Sheath Wiring

TRS Tough Rubber Sheath wire, if you see this in your property call us immediately! 0113 3909670

(TRS) was the forerunner to today’s modern PVC cables. It was last used in this country in the early 60’s and if your property is older than this, and hasn’t been re-wired at some point, there may be TRS wiring present in your house. TRS wiring can be extremely dangerous. 

The sheaths (inner & outer) of these cables are made of rubber. The outer is impregnated with an oil, preventing it from drying out, but where the inner sheaths are exposed to air, ie. in junction boxes, consumer units, switches and behind sockets, this inner sheath, over time, dries out and cracks, usually falling off leaving exposed live conductors, as you can see this has happened to the black cable here. 

For obvious reasons this can be very dangerous, and any live TRS wiring should be replaced as a matter of urgency with the more modern PVC type.

The two types of cable are very distinctive, and you should be able to spot TRS wiring at a glance. Another reason TRS cabling can be dangerous is that in the lighting cables (as in the picture) there is usually no earth wire. There are 3 conductors present in the PVC cable (Brown, Blue and the bare conductor, which is sleeved green and yellow, then used as an earth or cpc) but only 2 (Red & Black) in the older TRS cable. If there are metal light fittings in the property they cannot be earthed if a 2 core cable is used and this is very dangerous. 

A good place to check for TRS cabling is in the loft as access is easy. Of course these cables are also the easiest to replace, so if you don’t find any up there, there may still be some lurking somewhere else! It is important to remember that just because there is TRS wiring present, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s live. If you are in any doubt though, it is very important that you get a qualified electrician to check for you. 

So a few golden rules: 

  • Check for old accessories, switches, sockets, etc.
  • Check the consumer unit.
  • In pre 60’s properties check the cabling, if it’s TRS GET IT REPLACED ASAP.

Decision to rewire

The best way to determine the current state of an installation is to have a Electrical Installation Condition Report conducted (EICR).

This type of report is often carried out prior to a rewire where there is uncertainty or concern over the condition of the installation. 

“All MPS Electrical Ltd work is carried out to the highest standard with minimum disturbance” 

Our electricians have many years experience in rewiring existing properties. We offer free quotations for work ranging from a full rewire to a selection of small alterations & repairs.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements & advise on the work requested. MPS Electrical is registered under the Part P self certification scheme.